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Predicta® Bioactive Cement


At Last, an Outstanding Universal Cement that Closes the Gap Against Microleakage!

Predicta® Bioactive Cement fills and seals microgaps with robust hydroxyapatite formation at the margin, and thereby alleviates or prevents microleakage, which is otherwise associated with recurrent decay.* By combining all the properties and performance benefits of premium universal resin cements with bioactivity, Parkell proudly offers a cement that gives crown margins unprecedented protection against secondary caries. It is indicated for luting crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays and posts (prefabricated metal/non-metal/fiber posts).

The Bioactive Benefit:
As a result of Predicta® Cement’s bioactivity and continuous release and recharge of beneficial ions, Predicta® forms a dense layer of hydroxyapatite across microgaps, which, in turn, protects crown margins from the harsh elements present in the oral cavity.


“In a luting cement, ease of use and cleanup are the most important aspects, and Predicta Bioactive Cement is amazing at both facets. The cleanup was wonderful, easy, and predictable.”
- Dr. Thomas Morgan

“It handles great, is viscous without slumping, and, once in place, it set up very quickly. I like the consistency and the fairly quick self-cure time while still giving plenty of working time.”
- Dr. David Fang



  • A self-adhesive, self-etching, dual-cure resin cement, which exhibits robust bioactivity
  • Outstanding bond strength across a full range of substrates (including zirconia) without the need of additional primers
  • Continuous release and recharge of beneficial ions (calcium, phosphate, and fluoride)
  • Ideal viscosity for easy handling and cleanup
  • High radiopacity
  • Low film thickness for complete seating of restorations
  • Contains MDP for strong bonds to zirconia
  • No post-op sensitivity
  • Available in Translucent and A2
  • Made in the U.S.A

*Based on in vitro test models.