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Predicta® Bioactive Cement


At Last, an Outstanding Universal Cement that Closes the Gap Against Microleakage!

Predicta® Bioactive Cement provides exceptional bond strengths to all substrates including zirconia. It also offers next level bioactive performance by filling and sealing microgaps with robust hydroxyapatite formation at the margin, thereby alleviating or preventing microleakage which is otherwise associated with recurrent decay.* By combining all the properties and performance benefits of premium universal resin cements with bioactivity, Parkell proudly offers a cement that gives crown margins unprecedented protection against secondary caries. It is indicated for luting crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays and posts (prefabricated metal/non-metal/fiber posts).

The Bioactive Benefit: 
As a result of Predicta® Cement’s bioactivity and continuous release and recharge of beneficial ions, Predicta® forms a dense layer of hydroxyapatite across microgaps, which, in turn, protects crown margins from the harsh elements present in the oral cavity.


  • A self-adhesive, self-etching, dual-cure resin cement, which exhibits robust bioactivity
  • Outstanding bond strength across a full range of substrates (including zirconia) without the need of additional primers
  • Continuous release and recharge of beneficial ions (calcium, phosphate, and fluoride)
  • Ideal viscosity for easy handling and cleanup
  • High radiopacity
  • Low film thickness for complete seating of restorations
  • Contains MDP for strong bonds to zirconia
  • No post-op sensitivity
  • Available in Translucent, A2 and White Opaque shades
  • Made in the U.S.A

*Based on in vitro test models.


Product Summary

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Why Do Dentists Rely on Predicta Bioactive Cement?

“This cement is easy to handle with its consistent viscosity. This makes it very clinician-friendly with an easy clean-up process along with its dual-cure properties. The cement demonstrates predictability and reliability.” – Dimple Desai, DDS, AAACD

“The various shades are convenient to block out or manipulate the correct shades when needed. In addition, the viscosity of the product makes it easy to place into a restoration without slumping or creating unnecessary gaps or air bubbles between the restoration and tooth. Also, the easy clean-up does not cause unnecessary postoperative gingival irritation after removal of the excess cement.” – Dimple Desai, DDS, AAACD

“In a luting cement, ease of use and cleanup are the most important aspects, and Predicta Bioactive Cement is amazing at both facets. The cleanup was wonderful, easy, and predictable.” – Dr. Thomas Morgan

“It handles great, is viscous without slumping, and, once in place, it set up very quickly. I like the consistency and the fairly quick self-cure time while still giving plenty of working time.” – Dr. David Fang

“Parkell’s Predicta Cement has been useful in my practice because it allows me to take care of my patients and I don’t have to worry about crowns coming off or sensitivity and having to have patients come over and over again.” – Dr. Milton Ruiz

“Predicta Bioactive Cement’s prevention toward microleakage of secondary caries is advantageous. I have older patients, and their oral hygiene is not always great. Preventing recurrent decay along the margins and creating a seal helps further prevent this from occurring. Also, the reduction of post-cementation sensitivity is an added benefit.” – Dimple Desai, DDS, AAACD

“Recently, I’ve had crowns come off on rare occasions using other products, but I have not had any instances of that with the Predicta Bioactive Cement. The bond strength appears to be quite strong. And this is the first bioactive cement I’ve been able to use in my practice.” – Craig Aebli, DDS, MS, FAGD

“I have used other dual-cure resin cements, but what attracted me to Parkell’s Predicta Cement was that it produces hydroxyapatite and can seal the microgap, which can be very good at preventing microleakage and recurrent decay in the future.” – Dr. Milton Ruiz

“The dual cure made cleanup of cement easy to manage without it setting too quickly.” – Dr. Aebli

“I recommend the Predicta Bioactive Cement, first of all for the ease of use and we can use it in all kinds of environments, and we can use it for all kinds of crowns, including zirconia, inlays, PFMS, all kinds of restorations and we can also use it for posts. The versatility of the Cement is great.” – Dr. Milton Ruiz

“This cement gives me the added confidence that it’s actually helping to prevent microleakage, which makes me feel better, and of course, leads to better results for my patients.” – Craig Aebli, DDS, MS, FAGD

“Predicta Cement tips are very good. It allows me to go into the canals and dispense the cement into the canal when I am placing a post and it allows me to place the cement to the crown without a lot of waste.” – Dr. Milton Ruiz

“Predicta Cement tips are very good. It allows me to go into the canals and dispense the cement into the canal when I am placing a post and it allows me to place the cement to the crown without a lot of waste.” – Dr. Milton Ruiz

“So far, the patients I treated with Predicta Cement, I noticed no sensitivity afterwards. I haven’t had any complaints and no patients have come back with their crown falling off, no patients have come back with pain, so far it has been very good.” – Dr. Milton Ruiz

“Since I started using the Predicta Bioactive Cement, I have been able to do some cases that were a little complicated in the past because its dual-cure, especially cementing posts and fixing crowns that have broken off.” – Dr. Milton Ruiz

“I have been using Parkell products for over 20 years already, all kinds of different products and they have always been great, so I highly recommend them. I think they are very good products.” – Dr. Milton Ruiz