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E.T.C.™ Easy Temporary Cement


A Stronger, More Reliable Translucent Temporary Cement

Resin-based dual-cure E.T.C.™ is reliably strong and incredibly simple. All you have to do is express E.T.C. from the automix syringe right into the crown and seat it. If you’re using Parkell’s Brush&Bond® to protect the prep from sensitivity and recurring caries, just apply a thin layer of lubricant (e.g., Vaseline® or K-Y® Jelly) to the majority of the coronal portion of your crown prep before you use E.T.C. cement. The lubricant will prevent the cement from permanently bonding to the Brush&Bond, but will also provide a retentive, leak-proof collar around the margins. Once the crown is seated, light-cure the marginal excess and begin your clean-up. E.T.C. is quick and easy to clean up around the temp.

  • Strong adhesion to temporary prostheses.
  • Automix syringe and dual-cure capabilities reduce chairside time.
  • Low viscosity allows complete seating of temporaries.
  • Translucent shade blends well with crown and tooth margins.
  • Eugenol free.