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Brush&Bond® MAX 4-META Dentin/Enamel Composite Bonding System



The Story Behind Touch Application™
When over 55% of doctors surveyed, who currently use a bonding agent that requires a scrub application technique, told us they did not feel confident that they are covering the entire prep surface, and 30% of those same doctors felt incomplete scrubbing may be a contributing factor when their patients experience post-op sensitivity, we knew we had a better way.

Brush&Bond® MAX’s Touch Application™ technique eliminates the need to scrub the prep, providing consistent, even, and complete coverage of the entire prep surface. Simply dip the chemically treated Brush&Bond® Activator Brush into 1 to 3 drops of liquid and touch it to the prep surface until the entire prep is wet. This easy application process helps ensure MAXimum adhesion between the tooth and the restorative, while virtually eliminating post-op sensitivity.

Parkell’s simplified Touch Application™ technique is an alternative to the scrubbing step needed when applying many other bonding agents to the prep surface, some of which require up to 20 to 30 seconds of active scrubbing.

Once the brush touches the surface, Brush&Bond MAX does the work for you, as it begins penetration down into the dentinal tubules. This technique eliminates doubts about being able to scrub the liquid into tight line angles or the bottom of a small proximal box and ensures consistent, even, and complete coverage of the entire prep surface.


  • Touch Application™ — removes the doubt often associated with scrub-application products by ensuring consistent, even, and complete coverage of the entire prep surface
  • Higher bond strengths to enamel and dentin
  • MAXimum sealing of, and penetration into, the dentinal tubules to alleviate concerns of post-op sensitivity
  • Enhances the bond of most self-adhesive resin cements when used as a prep primer prior to the cementation of crowns on short, tapered, low-retention preps (especially beneficial for 2nd molars)
  • Extensive penetration into the tubules promotes the formation of a robust resin-tag network that ensures MAXimum adhesion between the tooth and the restorative
  • Optimized for adhesion to the surfaces dentists use their bonding agent on the most: enamel and dentin


  • Single-bottle system that combines etchant, adhesive, and desensitizer all in one*
  • Works with all etching techniques (total-etch, selective-etch, self-etch)
  • Compatible with all composites (light-cure, dual-cure, self-cure)
  • Low film thickness
  • Single coat application
  • Primer for sandblasted metal
  • Works with all currently available curing lights


*Must be used with Brush&Bond® Standard Activator Brushes


Brush&Bond® MAX Product Focus by Dental Product Shopper


Brush&Bond® MAX Informational Video

“The combination of Brush&Bond MAX adhesive and SEcure dual-cure resin cement is my go-to cementing medium. I can depend on the ease of use, effortless clean-up, high rate of retention and the lack of post-operative sensitivity for my patients. These factors weigh heavily in my selection of a resin cement. Although, the SEcure Resin Cement kit comes with its own bonding adhesive, SEcure self-etching Primer, I am comfortable in using the Brush&Bond Max as the adhesive. I find using the same bottle of adhesive for fillings as well as cementing ceramic crowns simplifies chairside procedures for the assistants. When cementing a ceramic indirect restoration, application of Easy Primer to the intaglio surface is recommended to improve the bond strength of the resin cement to the ceramic surface.” – Gregg Helvey, DDS, MAGD, CDT

“Being a clinical consultant for Parkell, I had the opportunity to use Brush&Bond MAX before its official release in the marketplace. For me, it’s been a game-changer for improving the adhesion of self-adhesive resin cements when inserting crowns on short, tapered, minimally retentive preps, especially second molars.” – Michael Karter, DDS