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Deliver Unprecedented Like New Performance for the Entire Life of the Insert.

DuraTip inserts redefine scaling by providing like new performance (with no noticeable efficiency loss) for the entire life of the insert. In stark contrast to conventional non-DuraTip inserts which lose 25% of their scaling efficiency after only 1 mm of tip wear and an astounding 50% of their scaling efficiency after 2 mm of tip wear.

Developed over thousands of hours by Parkell engineers in close collaboration with teams of hygienists, Parkell's patented DuraTip inserts achieve the previously unthinkable: continuous excellence (consistent peak performance) through an unprecedented 3mm of tip wear (as was validated over a year of field testing). In other words, DuraTip ultrasonic inserts are ideally suited for every stage of patient care, as their continuous like new scaling efficiency translates into lesser pinch pressures, vastly superior performance over time, and lesser chair times than is associated with partially worn conventional tips.

  • Patented Design and Structure: Proprietary internal geometries work synergistically to create DuraTip's signature consistent performance and unprecedented peak scaling efficiency
  • Innovative W-stack: Precision-cut nickel alloy stacks are pressed into a novel W-stack configuration, which results in substantially increased handling durability and optimized vibrational energy transfer across the entirety of the insert. This translates into previously unimaginable consistency of scaling power at the tip
  • Ergonomic, Anti-Slip Soft Grip with Optimized 12mm Outer Diameter Texturing: for maximum ergonomic support and ease of handling
  • 100% Quality Inspection: Each and every DuraTip insert is subjected to Parkell’s multi-point quality and performance inspections by Parkell’s decades-trusted quality and engineering teams, to ensure that you will have the same incredible scaling experience every time you open a DuraTip box
  • Performance Guides: DuraTip inserts are paired with their own color coordinated Performance Guide (included with every insert). While DuraTip inserts maintain consistent peak efficiency up to an unprecedented 3mm of wear, it is important to regularly check tip wear so that use beyond this point is minimized.
  • Designed and manufactured in the USA
  • Available in 30K Universal Slim and 30K Perio Slim

DuraTip® Commercial

DuraTip® Video Comparison Versus Standard Inserts

The Hype Is Real! DuraTip Reviews from Hygienists

Cathy Hendrickson, RDH Reviews Parkell's DuraTip Ultrasonic Inserts

Julia Cucinella, RDHAP Reviews Parkell's DuraTip Ultrasonic Inserts

"I’ve been a hygienist for almost 30 years, I have used multiple tips, I have seen a lot of things over the years, but nothing compares to the Parkell DuraTip® insert.” – Cathy Hendrickson, RDH

“These brand-new (DuraTip®) inserts are the highlight of my workday.” – Sherry Morrissey, RDH

“With 3mm of wear, you lose zero percent of the efficiency of the DuraTip®, because it is so efficient I do less hand scaling, so the appointment times are less and my productivity is more.” – Cathy Hendrickson, RDH

“I have been a hygienist for over 15 years and I am now a true believer in your products. I hope I can help convince other hygienists to give them a try and they will become believers too!” – Kat Billings, RDH

“The Parkell DuraTip® inserts will enable our practice to save money over the long run because of the efficiency of that tip. Even with that 3mm of wear we are going to get 100% efficiency and that working end is going to last a lot longer than the competitors.” – Cathy Hendrickson, RDH

“I really love them! I find they reach areas that none of my other instruments can access.” – Peggy Driscoll, RDH

“I am confident in my choice of using the Parkell DuraTip inserts. I have found that it is the best insert to make me the most efficient clinician.” – Kat Billings, RDH

“I love the new tip. It's easier to use because it's not as pointy and it is still slim enough to have more access than other tips I've been using.” – Peggy Driscoll, RDH

“Throughout my hygiene career, I looked for ways to improve my efficiency throughout the hygiene appointment and as a hygienist we know that as tips wear they lose their efficiency, so quickly even with 1 to 2mm of wear, so I became frustrated and I began to search for something else and as an evaluator I was introduced to Parkell’s DuraTip inserts.” – Cathy Hendrickson, RDH

“The thin, lightweight tip made ultrasonic scaling easier.”  – Elizabeth Dooher-Anthony, RDH

“I love the new tips, I can't believe I just recently ordered Hu-Friedy tips for my other office! I keep wishing I would have the new Parkells here too!” – Peggy Driscoll, RDH

“The thing that I noticed about this tip, the Parkell DuraTip than other tips out on the market is that the tip is more durable, it’s not as pokey, so there is less damage to gum tissue.” – Cathy Hendrickson, RDH

“I liked the DuraTip Perio Slim tip’s thinness that could get down where I needed to debride.” – Sherry Morrissey, RDH

“DuraTip allows for more efficient cleaning and works well at removing tartar buildup.” – Yvette Huseby, RDH

“I have used other inserts in the past, but nothing compares to the Parkell DuraTip inserts and how they outperform all the others. It is a really incomparable difference!” – Julia Cucinella, RDHAP

“I was able to use the DuraTip Perio Slim tip to reach underneath the gumline, into the pocket with the patient being very comfortable and not even realizing I was down under the gum tissue.” – Cathy Hendrickson, RDH

“I love the way the DuraTip Universal tip removes heavy staining, and the strong water spray and even flow flushes the plaque out very efficiently.” – Sherry Morrissey, RDH

“The DuraTip’s have great engineering with overall superior design and function.” – Shelley Gessler, RDH

“I have had zero patients complain about the discomfort or the noise making a screeching sound, which tells me that those DuraTip stacks are very durable and they are going to hold up over the lifespan of the insert.” – Cathy Hendrickson, RDH

“Right out of the package, this Parkell DuraTip insert is ready to go. It is so comfortable. The grip on it is nice and soft and it is very easy to angulate around teeth, so when you are using it you don’t have to word hard with your hand. It is doing the work for you.” – Julia Cucinella, RDHAP

“I absolutely love them. I have been here in this practice for as long as I have been a hygienist, 30 years! These are the best tips I have ever used. They remove everything with ease, like cutting butter. So, much quicker with the DuraTip and super effective. Looking forward to my continued use of them and will definitely be my tip of choice!” – Dia Borrow, RDH

“I’m enjoying the new inserts. I feel like they have more power. Tenacious calculus comes off easier. I like the thicker grip.” – Autumn Poppleton, RDH

“DuraTip is also wonderful for plaque removal, getting those toxins out of the gum because that water spray is like a mist and it is wonderful to use.” – Cathy Hendrickson, RDH

“The DuraTip’s are strong, solid tips that I expect to hold up much better than anything else I’ve used.” – Shelley Gessler, RDH

“I have been loving using these tips! Not only does it save us time, which as you know each patient we only have so much time and if we can save time and be more efficient with our work then it is going to definitely be easier on us in the long run.” – Julia Cucinella, RDHAP

“I am loving the new DuraTips! They are truly wonderful. Much more powerful and more effective than the Hu-Friedy tips that I am used to using. The tips are very slim, which is wonderful for any area of the mouth. I am finding that they are actually more accepted by patients than some of the other tips that I have used.” – Anna Ciccarella, RDH

“One thing I noticed is that I have less hand fatigue through the day, especially with my thumb. The grip is very nice, it’s very easy to hold on to without slipping out of my hand.” – Cathy Hendrickson, RDH

“In the future, I definitely see myself buying Parkell DuraTip inserts because the tips are so effective, and I want to use them. I want to take advantage of their innovative abilities and how well they work.” – Julia Cucinella, RDHAP

“The Parkell 30K DuraTip Perio Slim is very comforting to patients for subgingival cleaning. It is contoured perfectly for complete access to all tooth surfaces. The Universal Slim (green tip) is great for moderate to heavy deposits, contoured perfectly for access to all tooth surfaces. I've been using both of these tips for the past six months and the edge is just as sharp as the first day they were opened.” – Tanya, RDH

“My patient is 91 and he usually has moderate mandibular anterior calculus. I asked him if I would be able to use an ultrasonic scaler to remove the “tarter” and he said “I really don’t want you to because every time I have had the ultrasonic scaler used in the past it made my gums hurt and my teeth ache.” I explained because of his dry mouth it would make his cleaning more comfortable. After a few minutes of persuading he finally let me use it and I used the Parkell DuraTip and my patient was so impressed that he asked me to use the ultrasonic scaler on his whole mouth for every cleaning now! He loves it! He said that he felt more discomfort from scaling than he did from the tips. So thank you for making my patients love the ultrasonic scaler again. Great tips and makes my job so much easier.” – Anna Ciccarella, RDH

“The DuraTip inserts are a tool we use on almost every patient, so it’s going to have a very big impact on our practice. It really is something I would definitely recommend to my colleagues.” – Julia Cucinella, RDHAP

“DuraTip is very slow to dull and even when it does start wearing down it is going to be 100% effective all the way to the point of the 3mm that it is supposed to be replaced at. No other tip can do that! This is effective all the way 100%. Every other tip at 1 to 2mm, they are 25-50% less effective, so this is a gamechanger.” – Julia Cucinella, RDHAP