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AccuFilm® Occlusal Articulating Film


The Standard for Marking Occlusion

As a result of its super thinness, patients don’t sense anything between their teeth when they are biting down.

  • Super thin for greater precision
  • Won't trigger mandibular reflexes that might skew the bite
  • Consistently produces sharp, easy-to-interpret marks
  • No false markings
  • It stretches, but doesn't break. There's no snap-back to distort the marks
  • Features the highest plastic deformation of all major brands tested

Using A Laser? In the field of laser dentistry, many doctors use AccuFilm® for laser tip initiation. This “carbonization” of the tip partially prevents laser light from exiting the fiber, essentially turning the tip into a hot glass rod that is primed to vaporize the soft-tissue that it directly contacts. You simply move the flat surface of the laser’s fiber tip across a piece of AccuFilm and this will effectively block the tip. So, you see, like many Parkell products that handle multiple tasks, AccuFilm is much more than just an exceptional occlusal marking system!