HyperFIL® Bulk-Fill


A True & Trusted Bulk-Fill Composite for Over a Decade

As one of the original dual-cure bulk-fills, HyperFIL has been restoring these large lesions with a single placement technique for close to a decade. True single placement bulk-filling saves time and will cure even in the deepest recesses and undercuts of a prep where even the most judicious clinician can’t be sure the light is reaching.

Its slower rate of self-curing reduces stresses at the bonded interface. The material flows just enough when extruded from the mixing tip to nicely adapt to the tooth surface.

  • Dual-Cure — no need for incremental layering and curing.
  • Nanofilled for durability and optimized polishability.
  • Moderate viscosity — flows slightly to conform to cavity preparation.
  • Excellent esthetics & shade stability.
  • Radiopaque.
  • Single placement technique saves time.
  • Cures the deepest recesses and undercuts of a prep.
  • Reliable- ability to cure beyond 4mm.
  • Works perfectly with Brush&Bond® MAX & most other bonding agents.