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C&B Metabond® Quick Adhesive Cement System


Solution for Impossible Restorative Dilemmas

C&B-Metabond® is still the one product that demanding clinicians reach for when they need solutions to “impossible” restorative dilemmas. This cement system has the unique ability to bond to just about any hard surface, whether it’s enamel, dentin, cementum, non-precious, semi-precious or noble alloys, porcelain, composite resin or acrylic.

C&B-Metabond is kind to hard and soft tissues because its time-proven formula incorporates biocompatible methacrylate resins along with its surface penetrating agent, 4-META. A surface-penetrating monomer, 4-META has the capacity to access vital or non-vital tubules and support the delicate collagen fiber network while it gets absorbed by the intratubular and peritubular dentin.

Our unique TBB catalyst ensures that C&B-Metabond will reliably set every time, whether it’s dark or moist, in all regions of the mouth. Upon curing, C&B-Metabond forms an acid-resistant hybrid layer that protects against post-op sensitivity and microleakage, while resin-reinforcing the dentin.

Most importantly, when you reach for C&B-Metabond, you can be confident that you’ve given the patient the greatest chance for case success, no matter how bad things seem. You truly may never have to re-cement that problem restoration again.

  • Cement crowns on short or overly tapered abutments.
  • Place direct pulp-caps, repair root perforations in “hopeless cases.”
  • Re-cement bridges or posts that repeatedly loosen due to compromised retention or patient habits.
  • Perform chairside repairs such as mending broken abutments, repairing porcelain fractures, splinting periodontally-compromised teeth, adding teeth to removable prostheses, or bonding directly to composite or acrylic-based prostheses.

C&B-Metabond Bulk Mixing Technique