Ultrasonic Inserts


Durable. Reliable. Effective.

When you use a Parkell insert, you’ll quickly understand what a solid, well-balanced insert should feel like. Using the highest quality stainless steel, each and every insert we make here at Parkell is hand-assembled like a custom piece of jewelry. Inspected, tested and finely-tuned for optimizing your scaler’s performance, Parkell inserts will out-perform and outlast other inserts.

Sure, you may find an insert that costs less, but in the long haul, you’ll actually spend MORE money replacing those cheaper, lesser quality inserts than if you had purchased a Parkell insert from the start.

Check Your Inserts Regularly!*

Worn tips can greatly decrease your scaling efficiency, and can necessitate the use of excessive pressure during scaling which can result in discomfort for both you and for your patient. Download and print our Standard Inserts Wear Guide to check your standard ultrasonic inserts.**

*Ultrasonic Inserts have a 90-day warranty for any manufacturer defect. Also note, after 2mm of wear of the inserts (as measured using any standard wear guide), Parkell inserts are no longer covered by warranty. They should be discarded immediately and not used on patients. As is widely known in the industry, conventional ultrasonic inserts lose as much as 25% of their cleaning efficiency after 1mm of wear and as much as, or more than 50% of their efficiency after 2mm wear. Moreover, Parkell can not guarantee the performance or integrity of Parkell inserts having more than 2mm of wear.

**For DuraTip® inserts, this wear guide is not applicable and should not be used. Instead, DuraTip Performance Guides should be used exclusively with DuraTip inserts.