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MucoHard™ + Denture Reline


Hard Reliner with Low Exothermic Temperature for Improved Patient Comfort

MucoHard+ is a self-cured, pink gingival-colored, hard relining material used for in-office, durable long-term relines, repairs, and for additions to the borders of full or partial acrylic dentures. Automix cartridge dispensing promotes an ideal mix every time for convenient chairside hard relines. The viscosity of MucoHard+ enables easy placement and spreading, complete seating of the denture base back onto the upper or lower arch, and detailed capture of the topography to ensure a snug fit.

MucoHard+ is a biocompatible, tasteless, odorless, MMA-free hard reline material for full and partial dentures. It has a low exothermic temperature for improved patient comfort during the initial intraoral self-curing stage, and when set, a color consistent with the shade of the most common lab processed denture base acrylics.

Saves time for you and your patient, while saving the denture from a trip to the lab.

  • Low exothermic temperature for improved patient comfort
  • Efficient and easy-to-use
  • Eliminates powder/liquid mixing
  • Auto-polymerizing resin formula sets without a curing light
  • Pink polymer blends beautifully with most denture base shades