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Dryz® Retraction Paste


Create a DRY Working Environment Every Time

Dryz is compatible with the most popular retraction techniques which include, Compression Caps, retraction cord, electrosurgery and lasers.

  • Optimized for tissue management when taking impressions, restoring teeth with subgingival decay, seating restorations, placing rubber dam clamps, and bleaching teeth.
  • Quickly stops gingival bleeding and crevicular fluid seepage.
  • Easy clean-up, leaving no residue behind.
  • Set Time: 2 Minutes.
  • Available in two easily detectable contrasting colors.

Because maintaining a dry field is critical to restorative success, Dryz can also be used to control hemorrhage and crevicular fluids prior to crown cementations (both temporary and permanent) or the placement of Class II and Class V restorations when the margins extend subgingivally.

Take Control of the Sulcus for Picture Perfect Digital Impressions
When your prep is flawless, you want your digital scanner to easily capture every detail. Parkell’s Dryz soft-tissue management paste helps you do that. This easy-to-use material fits comfortably into the workflow of every digital dentist, providing that extra push for clearing the field of unwanted obstacles, so you can quickly obtain an accurate and complete digital impression every time.


“Dryz Blu is the retraction paste of choice in my dental clinic. After trying every retraction paste in the market, I can definitely say it's simply the best. Its creamy consistency makes it easy to dispense and, above all, considerably easier to wash away than all other available retraction pastes.” – Milad George DDS, MDS

“Dryz Blu always works! It is my last resort when there is bleeding and I can say that it ‘saved my life’ many times. I use it for digital impression taking and whenever I need a dry working field for class II and class V composite fillings, for example when there is a subgingival margin of the preparation and when bleeding and crevicular fluid can compromise adhesion. I only use Dryz Blu, without any cord because it is less invasive than cord for digital impression. I like its creamy but ‘firm’ consistency. It’s easy to apply, it stays in place and retracts the gingiva well. I find that it stops bleeding effectively and above all rinses off easily, more easily than other pastes I have been using.” – Dr. Jure Poglajen, DDS (Slovenia)

“I always know I can trust Parkell to create products that, to put it simply, just plain work. That said, I'm still amazed at your product Dryz. We've used it for a few years and I'm always impressed at how it stops bleeding almost instantly. I usually use laser retraction but when there is bleeding, I will often use your paste first. When washed off, I rarely have to pick up the laser. The stuff is just plain amazing. I can't count the number of times it has saved an appointment and made both my and the patient's lives easier.” – Steven H. Schwartz, DMD

“I really like Dryz Blu. Its qualities are good visibility, ideal viscosity neither too fluid nor too thick compared to other available retraction pastes. Its ideal wettability allows me to apply the material at the level of the gingival sulcus, all around the neck of the tooth, without any rupture. In addition, it is easy to remove with water without rinsing too long and leaves no residues - no need to use the water/air gun to its maximum which risks to cause new bleeding. it is rapidly effective in its hemostatic action and for its capacity in gingival eviction. It's a very good product.” – Dr. Laurence Berenholc-Bury (France)

“Having the ability to rebuild a prosthetic abutment in only a few minutes, allows the clinician to spend more time performing other procedures (i.e. the finishing of the preparation) at the time of treatment as opposed to waiting till a second appointment. The consistency of the material (Predicta Bioactive Core) is very similar to dentin due to the presence of zirconium dioxide. This makes the preparation phase of the abutment extremely easy. The fluidity and smoothness allows for easy cementation of root canal posts without forming bubbles or microgaps. This is particularly relevant at the tooth-restoration interface, which is often the critical portion of the restoration itself and could lead to early failure. The dual polymerization allows a complete conversion of the material in a few minutes, which is especially beneficial in areas that are difficult to reach by the curing light such as within the post space. Also, the high radiopacity is ideal to perform radiographic checks and detect any errors before proceeding with the finalization of the prosthetic case.” – Dr. Alessandro Colella (Italy)