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Retrieve™ DC Implant Cement


Reduce the Possibility of Implant Failure Due to Peri-Implantitis

With less radiopaque cements, the excess cement that extrudes subgingivally during restoration seating is often not removed because the clinician isn’t aware it is there. Now, with Retrieve’s 300% times aluminum radiopacity a post insertion x-ray can help to locate this excess.

  • Dual-Cure Capability.
  • Light Curing: 20 Seconds.
  • Working Time: 2 Minutes.
  • Gel Stage for Easy Clean–up: 2-3 Minutes.
  • Self-Cure Setting Time: 5 Minutes.
  • Strong adhesion to metal, zirconia, and ceramic abutments and prosthesis.
  • Radiopacity: 300% aluminum.