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Sensimatic® 700SE Electrosurge


Efficient, Precise Tissue Management

Simplifying and improving the treatment outcomes of the procedures performed every day in your dental office, the Sensimatic 700SE cuts faster than a diode laser and produces less bleeding and better visibility1 of the treatment site than a scalpel

  • Monopolar for the precise cuts.
  • 10 power settings.
  • 3 cutting modes; CUT, CUT/COAG, and COAG.
  • Electrode wire can be adjusted to meet clinical contour needs.
  • Operating frequency: 1.4 - 1.7 MHz.
  • Maximum Power Output: 50 watts.

Advantages of Electrosurgery Over a Diode Laser

  • Thin wire electrodes can be adjusted to meet clinical contour needs.
  • The side of the electrode wire can cut in addition to the tip (Only the tip is an active cutting surface for a diode laser).
  • Procedures are completed in a fraction of the time it takes to perform the same procedure with a diode laser.
  • A wider, more versatile range of cutting tips.
  • Lower initial device cost.

PLEASE NOTE: The handpiece (D702) and indifferent plate cable (D703) are only compatible with Sensimatic units (D700SE-110) w/ serial numbers #90000 and higher, and (D700SE-230) w/ serial numbers #80000 and higher. Please check the serial number located on the bottom of your unit before ordering accessories.

Recommended Electrodes for Specific Applications