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MetaSEAL™ Endodontic Sealer Kit


For Impermeable Resin Seals

MetaSEAL’s remarkable effectiveness as a high-performance endodontic sealer starts with its self-etch formula, which renders the canal’s sidewalls permeable to infiltration by the material’s hydrophilic resin monomers. This high level of “bondability” provides a tough, hybrid layer that fully seals root canal walls without gaps at the sealant/tooth interface.

  • Requires no separate priming or etching.
  • Self-etch formula hybridizes the canal walls to prevent leakage.
  • Will cure in moist canals.
  • Dual-cure (cures with or without a curing light).
  • Light curing creates an instant coronal seal.
  • Features extraordinary biocompatibility.
  • Bonds to common gutta percha.
  • Compatible with any cold obturation techniques.