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Predicta® Bioactive Core (Stackable Tooth Shade)

SKU: S606
Dual-Cure Composite for Core Build-Ups and Post Cementations
Optimized for placement in teeth that require core build-ups, with or without posts, prior to the prepping, impressioning, fabrication, and cementation of a crown.

Also Available (sold separately)
  • 19-gauge Dispensing Tips
  • 5 ml Dispensing Gun
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    How to Choose the Right Viscosity
    Parkell offers Predicta® Bioactive Core in a variety of viscosity options to best fit your procedures and preferences.

    Stackable (High Viscosity):
    Ideally suited to minimize crown prepping time, when placing larger core build-ups where stackability results in a more centralized core, and less excess in areas that would require removal during prepping.

    Flowable (Low Viscosity):
    Recommended for cases where post cementation and core build-ups are done together. The lower viscosity promotes better canal adaptation and less hydrostatic resistance during seating of the post into the canal.

    Both Stackable and Flowable Predicta Core versions are appropriate for, and can be used in all core build-up and post cementation situations. These guideline should be considered an aid when choosing which build-up material more closely matches your needs and preferences.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Predicta Bioactive Core

    Q. How are Predicta composites different from conventional composites?

    A. Bioactivity! Bioactive materials release calcium, phosphate and fluoride, which trigger the formation of a protective layer of mineral apatite, the predominant element found in both enamel and dentin. They are also dual cure, eliminating the worry in incomplete cure of materials leading to sensitivity and failure of restoration.

    Q. What is the difference between Predicta Core and Predicta Bulk?

    A. Predicta Core is indicated for core build-ups and as a post cement. The addition of Zirconia helps provide a strong and stable support for crowns made of zirconia, lithium disilicate, porcelain, PFM and metal. Predicta Bulk is a highly polishable universal composite, that can be used in all areas of the mouth, and is indicated for Class I through V restorations.

    Q. When should I use the high viscosity Predicta Core over the low viscosity Predicta Core?

    A. Viscosity selection is a personal preference. Both LV and HV are appropriate for and can be used in all core build-up and post cementation situations. However, as a general rule, the high viscosity is more stackable and is ideally suited for larger core build-ups. The low viscosity is more flowable and recommended for cases where post cementation and core are done together.

    Q. I store my materials in the refrigerator. Is there anything I should do prior to using them?

    A. Materials must always be brought to room temperature prior to use.

    Q. Why isn’t the material setting properly?

    A. The most likely reason a dual cure does not set-up is failure to double bleed.

    Q. What is double bleeding?

    A. Remove the shipping cap. Extrude a small amount of material onto pad until it flows freely from both orifices. Place mixing tip on cartridge and extrude a pea sized amount onto pad prior to placing in mouth.

    Q. Is Predicta Core compatible with all currently available bonding agents?

    A. Like all dual-cure composites there will be some self-etching bonding agents that are not compatible with Predicta Core. If you are unsure Parkell recommends you call the manufacturer of the bonding agent and ask if it is compatible with dual cure composites. However, all Parkell bonding agents work with light cure, dual cure and self-cure composites as of now.