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Predicta® Bioactive Core - Stackable Tooth Shade

SKU: S606
  • Stimulates mineral apatite formation: Materials release mineral components (calcium, phosphate and fluoride) which trigger the formation of a protective layer of mineral apatite; the defining requirement of bioactive materials.
  • Contains Zirconia for enhanced cuttability; helping to eliminate ditching or gouging of the material when transitioning between dentin and Predicta Core.
  • Versatile non-slumping formulation ideal for post cementation and core build-ups. Low viscosity (LV) version available for those who prefer a more flowable core material.
  • High flexural strength for strong, stable cores that last and resist flexing.
  • Unlimited depth of cure ensures that the deepest portions of the restoration will polymerize.
  • Fast and Easy: Automix hand syringe delivery (5 ml syringe).
  • Highly Radiopaque: The material is easily identifiable on x-rays.
  • Available in Flowable White Shade, Flowable Tooth Shade, Stackable White Shade and Stackable Tooth Shade

Also Available (sold separately)
  • 19-gauge Dispensing Tips
  • 5 ml Dispensing Gun
  • Predicta® Bioactive Core is a dual-cure, core-build-up resin composite that releases fluoride, calcium and phosphate ions to stimulate mineral apatite formation and remineralization at the material-tooth interface. Additionally, the materials innovative ability to recharge fluoride ions provides a unique combination of physical and chemical properties. It is dimensionally stable, with excellent strength, time-efficient handling, and optical characteristics close to those of natural teeth.