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Predicta® Bioactive Bulk - (LV) A2/B2 Shade

SKU: S611
Universal, Dual-Cure Composite for All Your Restorative Needs
A dual-cure composite that can be used to fill any size cavity preparation, all the way up to the occlusal surface, without any need for additional layering. From large Class V’s to four surface posterior restorations, there are no limits to what you can do with Predicta® Bulk.

Also Available (sold separately)
  • 19-gauge Dispensing Tips
  • 5 ml Dispensing Gun
  • How to Choose the Right Viscosity
    Parkell offers Predicta® Bioactive Bulk in a variety of viscosity options to best fit your procedures and preferences.

    Regular Viscosity (High Viscosity):
    Ideally suited for clinical situations when placing larger restorations, where stability is desirable and material drift is not.

    LV (Low Viscosity):
    Recommended for more conservative preps, where the ability to flow and self-level into tighter spaces is preferred for better adaptation of hard-to-access prep margins and line angles.

    Both Regular and LV Predicta Bulk versions are appropriate for, and can be used in all restorative situations. These guideline should be considered an aid when choosing a bulk-fill restorative that more closely matches your restorative needs and preferences.
    Predicta Bioactive Bulk - Inside Dentistry Product Talk