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Predicta® Bioactive Bulk - A1/B1 Shade

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  • Stimulates mineral apatite formation: Materials release mineral components (calcium, phosphate and fluoride) which trigger the formation of a protective layer of mineral apatite; the defining requirement of bioactive materials.
  • Unlimited depth of cure ensures that the deepest portions of the restoration will polymerize.
  • Thixotropic viscosity for consistent placement and adaptation. Low viscosity (LV) version available for those who prefer a more flowable material.
  • Nano-filled to maximize durability and optimize polishability and aesthetic.
  • Clinical Versatility: Indicated for Class I, II, III, IV, and V restorations. Ideal for bulk filling.
  • Fast and Easy: Automix hand syringe delivery (5 ml syringe).
  • Highly Radiopaque: The material is easily identifiable on x-rays.
  • Available in Bulk-Fill (LV) A1/B1 Shade, Bulk-Fill (LV) A2/B2 Shade, Bulk-Fill A1/B1 Shade and Bulk-Fill A2/B2 Shade

Also Available (sold separately)
  • 19-gauge Dispensing Tips
  • 5 ml Dispensing Gun
  • Predicta® Bioactive Bulk is a dual-cure, bulk-fill resin composite that releases fluoride, calcium and phosphate ions to stimulate mineral apatite formation and remineralization at the material-tooth interface. Additionally, the materials innovative ability to recharge fluoride ions provides a unique combination of physical and chemical properties. It is dimensionally stable, with excellent strength, time-efficient handling, and optical characteristics close to those of natural teeth.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Predicta Bioactive Restorative Products

    1. So exactly what is Predicta Bioactive?

    Predicta Bioactive is Parkell’s brand name for a new line of restorative and therapeutic products that are confirmed to be “bioactive”.

    2. What does “bioactive” mean?

    Bioactive means that the products interact with the wet oral environment in a positive way. Specifically, Predicta Bioactive products protect open parts of a tooth, like the edge of a filling, by releasing beneficial ions like calcium, phosphate and fluoride, but only in the presence of water (like the water in saliva).

    3. What does it mean to “release calcium, phosphate and fluoride”, and why is this a good thing?

    The elements, calcium, phosphate and fluoride (or minerals, as they are commonly called), are essential to building teeth and bone in the human body. They are in Predicta Bioactive, and If they can be dissolved in the water in saliva, they will recrystallize on the tooth after the bacterial attack is over. This may fill in the open, damaged margins of the filling, protecting it from future acid attack.

    4. Where does Predicta Bioactive get its “bioactivity”?

    Predicta Bioactive gets its bioactivity from the special filler particles contained within the product’s resin. They are made up of pH-sensitive, hydroxyapatite mineral fillers that respond to an acidic environment (caused by bacteria in the mouth) by releasing calcium, phosphate and fluoride ions into the saliva around the tooth.

    5. What are the first bioactive products in Parkell’s Predicta Bioactive product line?

    Predicta Bioactive Bulk and Predicta Bioactive Core materials are strong, dual-cured composite resins designed to be used mostly on back teeth. With them, dentists can create durable, beautiful posterior restorations that can last for years. As an added benefit, they release beneficial calcium, phosphate and fluoride ions into the environment around the tooth to protect against future decay.

    6. What is the difference between new Predicta Bioactive products and your older product, Hyperfil?

    Hyperfil is a dual-cured posterior composite resin restorative that is filed with conventional materials that do not release beneficial ions into the oral environment. Millions of excellent restorations have been created using Hyperfil for over 10 years. Predicta Bioactive has all the great physical properties of Hyperfil, with the added benefit of bioactivity to protect the restoration from future damage by decay-causing bacterial attack.

    7. What is the laboratory test for “bioactivity”?

    The International Standards Organization (ISO) creates tests for materials and other products to decide whether they will work as advertised. The ISO test for bioactivity involves immersing samples of cured dental restorative materials in artificial saliva for a fixed period of time, at a varying pH. The surface of the material is then inspected using a Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) to determine if crystals of hydroxyapatite mineral have formed on the surface of the samples. If crystals are seen, the material may be described as “bioactive”.

    8. So how are the Bulk and Core the same, and how are they different?

    Predicta Bioactive Bulk is a bioactive, dual-cured, nano-filled, resin restorative material designed to replace posterior amalgams and restore primarily back teeth. It comes in two esthetic shades, A2/B2 and A1/B1, each based upon the popular Vita shade guide.

    Predicta Bioactive Core is a bioactive, dual-cured, nano-filled, resin restorative material designed to build up badly broken-down teeth. It has been reinforced with zirconia filler powder to give it impressive strength, necessary when restoring teeth after root canal. It comes in two shades, white and tooth, both of which are easy to see when cutting a crown prep, even deep in the back of the mouth.

    9. What’s so important about zirconia in Core?

    Zirconia makes Core stronger, and makes it easier to reliably cut with a dental diamond bur without “ditching” the prep, which would damage it. Zirconia also makes materials very white, making the material easier to see in a dark mouth.

    10. How are the Bulk and Core used, and how do they handle?

    • Bulk replaces damaged fillings and teeth, mostly in the back of the mouth.
    • Core replaces damaged teeth, mostly after root canal treatment, and before crowns are made.
    • There are two viscosities available for Predicta.
    • Predicta Bioactive Bulk and Predicta Bioactive Core will stack nicely, and will allow a degree of sculpting.
    • Predicta Bioactive Bulk LV and Predicta Bioactive Core LV are nicely flowable, allowing them to adapt to intricate preparations.
    • The high viscosity products are generally dispensed from their cartridges using a 5 ml, MixPac dispensing gun to push the material through a brown, 1:1 mixing tip, with a 17-gauge or 19-gauge metal needle tip attached to the end. The needle may be bent to any angle, as long as it doesn’t collapse.
    • The low viscosity products are generally dispensed from their cartridges by hand, using the included plunger to push the material through a brown, 1:1 mixing tip, with a 17-gauge metal needle tip attached to the end. The needle may be bent to any angle, as long as it doesn’t collapse.

    11. Is Predicta Bioactive light-cured, self-cured or dual-cured?

    Predicta Bioactive is a dual-cured restorative resin. It will light-cure to approximately 4 mm when exposed to any dental curing light of 1000-2000 mW/cm2 for 20-40 seconds. It will self-cure to infinite depth in 4-4.5 minutes, when properly mixed through the correct MixPac mixing tip.

    12. Will Predicta Bioactive be sold in single-use capsules later?

    Although our thoughts may change in the future, there are presently no plans for single-use capsules of Predicta resins at this time.

    13. Does Predicta Bioactive require the use of a bonding agent?

    Parkell strongly recommends the use of a bonding agent that is compatible with dual-cured restorative methacrylate-based resins whenever the product is used.

    14. How does Predicta Bioactive compare to Pulpdent’s Activa?

    Pulpdent’s bioactive resin modified glass ionomer (RMGI) restorative that has been available to dentists since 2013. Initially sold to be used without a bonding agent, Activa is now advertised for use only with a resin bonding agent below the product. Activa has a radiopacity of 150% of aluminum, while Predicta Bioactive’s radiopacity is higher at 280% of aluminum. This makes Predicta Bioactive much easier to see on an x-ray. Predicta Bioactive also has higher values for strength.

    15. Is Predicta Bioactive a composite or an RMGI?

    Predicta Bioactive is a composite resin, and does not contain any glass ionomer filler.

    16. Can Predicta Bioactive be made “fluoride-free”?

    No. The essence of bioactivity and related product performance requires that Predicta have calcium, phosphate and fluoride.

    17. Can Predicta Bioactive be used as a cement?

    Although Predicta Bioactive LV may very well be an excellent luting or cementing product, it has not been tested in this capacity at the present time. Rest assured that Predicta Bioactive’s technology is actively being researched as a cement here at Parkell’s labs.