MucoSoft® Bonding Liner Adhesive Refill

SKU: S494
  • One 15ml bottle
For Comfortable, Long-lasting Chairside Soft Relines.
MucoSoft’s® flexible silicone formula won’t stiffen with age, providing your patient with cushioning comfort for years. The hydrophobic formula reduces water absorption for much less discoloration and odor compared to old-style, acrylic-based materials. Our special resin additives make MucoSoft silicone incredibly tough and tear-resistant. When coupled with our proprietary bonding liquid, exclusively synthesized in our on-site chemical research lab, MucoSoft chemically grafts itself tenaciously to most acrylic (methacrylate-based) denture base resins, helping to make peeling and leakage a thing of the past.
Thomas Bilsky, DDS Discusses the Benefits of Parkell's MucoHard & MucoSoft.