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Ultrasonic Inserts Buyer's Guide

With so many variables and options to choose from; tip style, power, grips, light-transmitting, water flow, it can be daunting and often confusing to decide which one best suits your needs. We’ve broken everything down to help you make that decision picking the right tool for the right job.

Find Your Perfect Ultrasonic Insert

Choose your preferences using the dropdown menus below to find the right insert for your needs.
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Tip Style Frequency of Operation Grip Water Flow
ProductSKUProduct Link
Stainless Steel Universal 30KDUI30Learn More
Stainless Steel Universal 25KDUI25Learn More
Soft-Grip Universal 30KDSG30ULearn More
Comfort Grip Universal 30K (Precision Flow)DCG30UNI-PFLearn More
Comfort Grip Universal Slim 30K (Standard Flow)DCG30SLIMLearn More
TurboVue Universal Tip V Light-Transmitting Insert*DLH30ULearn More
Stainless Steel Straight Perio 30KDPI30Learn More
Stainless Steel Straight Perio 25KDPI25Learn More
Soft-Grip Straight Perio 30KDSG30PLearn More
TurboVue Straight Perio Tip V Light-Transmitting Insert*DLH30PLearn More
Burnett Power-Tip 30KDTI30Learn More
Burnett Power-Tip 25KDTI25Learn More
Burnett Power-Tip Soft-Grip 30KDSG30TLearn More
TurboVue Burnett Power Tip V Light-Transmitting Insert*DLH30TLearn More
Comfort Grip Triple Bend 30K (Standard Flow)DCG30TRILearn More
TurboVue Triple Bend Light-Transmitting Insert*DLH30TRILearn More
Stainless Steel Beaver Tail 30KDBI30Learn More
Stainless Steel Beaver Tail 25KDBI25Learn More
Stainless Steel Left Curved Perio 30KDPL30Learn More
Stainless Steel Right Curved Perio 30KDPR30Learn More
Soft-Grip Left Curved Perio 30KDSG30LLearn More
Soft-Grip Right Curved Perio 30KDSG30RLearn More
GentleClean Soft-Grip 30KDSG30GCLearn More

Still Unsure?

Feel free to call us here at Parkell 800-243-7446 and we will be happy to further walk you through all of your options and any questions you may still have.

*NOTE:TurboVue scaler required for illumination with TurboVue Light-Transmitting Inserts.