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TurboVue® Burnett Power-Tip V Light-Transmitting Insert


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  • Dramatically improves visibility.
  • 30K insert transmits light from the handpiece.
  • Longer, thinner and straighter tip than Universal promotes placement deep into pockets.
  • Uniquely designed to provide 70% more energy transfer to blast through the most tenacious calculus deposits.
  • Specialty: Higher vibration compared to all other inserts when using maximum power level.
  • Primary Use: Moderate to extra heavy supra and subgingival deposits.
  • Power: Any

NOTE: TurboVue inserts only work with TurboVue scalers. For illumination to occur, both TurboVue inserts AND TurboVue scaler are required.
  • One insert.
About the TurboVue Illuminated Scaler
This uniquely engineered device provides excellent visibility when scaling all areas of the oral cavity. The TurboVue® features a light source built into the handpiece allowing a significant amount of light to emit through the 30K, light-transmitting ultrasonic inserts.

Whether it’s the distal of a maxillary or mandibular second molar, a furcation or a deep lingual pocket you’re trying to access, the intense light of the TurboVue will illuminate even the toughest corners ensuring that you won’t miss anything.

Plus, the light saves on the operator’s eyes. No more squinting or messing with the overhead lamp or loupes. The TurboVue also features auto-tuning technology, a dramatically expanded low-power range that improves comfort during debridement, and a power-boosting Turbo feature for an increase in scaling power when needed.
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