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  • 30K Burnett Power-Tip™ Scaler Insert

30K Burnett Power-Tip™ Scaler Insert

  • 70% more power—much greater power than a Universal or Perio insert.
  • Longer, slim design reaches into narrow spaces.
  • Robust enough to smooth plaque-trapping overhangs and remove proximal accretions and stubborn cements.
  • Also available with a cushion grip (DSG30T).

PLEASE NOTE: Inserts may not be returned if used or if package is opened.
  • One insert
The Burnett Power-Tip™ is our toughest insert on hard calculus. Its mass is greater along the working portion of the tip, so it has more momentum when it hits the calculus and transfers about 70% more energy. Nothing works better than the Burnett when you are tackling flinty root calculus, interproximal accretions or amalgam overhangs!

The Burnett’s long, slim tip allows it to reach deep pockets. It’s also longer than a traditional slim insert and has a broader stroke. Finally, this little toughie is also more robust than a slim insert. If you need to, you can crank your scaler’s power to maximum with no problem. If you’ve never used the Burnett, it’s time to make the switch! If you’ve used the Burnett, you should give the soft-grip a try. Ultrasonic scaling is now even easier on your hand and your patient!
If necessary to return insert, please use a shipping box, not an envelope or padded mailer.

  • Do not use Thin Perio tips above your scaler's "medium" power setting. (The thin Burnett Power-Tip™ is an exception. It can be used at any power.)
  • If your insert has an external water tube, do not attempt to adjust it. (It is welded in position.)
  • Every insert is functionally tested by Parkell before packaging; therefore, some water residue may remain.
  • Do not bend or reshape insert. Inserts should be handled with care at all times. Ultrasonic insert tips that have been bent, reshaped or otherwise damaged are susceptible to in-use breakage and should be discarded and replaced immediately.
  • Make sure the insert’s green or black O-ring is in place before use, and lubricate with water prior to inserting into the handpiece. Replace worn or damaged O-rings with Parkell.
  • During scaling procedures, all intra-oral soft tissues should be protected to avoid contact with the vibrating tip.
  • To avoid gouging the tooth, keep the tip parallel to (not perpendicular to) the tooth’s long axis. Use a controlled wiping motion, with copious water irrigation. While Parkell “Universal” tips and “Burnett Power-Tips™” may be used at any power setting from “low” to “high”, thin “Perio-style” tips should not be used above your scaler’s “medium” power setting.

Inserts must be carefully scrubbed to remove debris, either by hand with a brush or in an ultrasonic cleaner. Use non-ammoniated detergent or dishwashing soap, followed by a cold water rinse. Do not use ammoniated cleansers or disinfectants.

Steam Autoclaving following manufacturer’s instructions is the preferred sterilization technique, as it minimizes degradation of the insert’s materials. “Chemical Vapor” sterilization may also be used. “Dry Heat” or “Cold Sterilization” are not recommended, as they may not be as effective, and may cause the O-ring to deteriorate.

Gravity Displacement: 15 minutes @ 132-135º C; 15 minutes cool down.
Prevacuum: 4 minutes @ 132-135º C; 15 minutes cool down.

Parkell ultrasonic inserts are warranted against manufacturer’s defects for 90 days from date of delivery. This warranty does not cover insert abuse, acts of God, or tips that have been bent, reground, dropped, or altered in some way. Parkell reserves the right to replace or return the purchase price for defective inserts at its discretion. Parkell cannot assume liability for incidental or consequential damage resulting from the use of the insert.

Parkell’s quality system is certified to ISO9001/ISO13485.