Touch&Bond® Kit

SKU: S280
  • Self-etching. No rinsing. No priming. No mixing.
  • Creates strong bonds to dentin and prepared enamel.
  • Quick-and-easy: only takes a minute.
  • Extraordinarily thin film - only 3 microns - ideal for direct composites and indirect restorations.
  • Can be used with light-cure or self-cure composites.
  • Requires a halogen curing light. For LED users, try Parkell's Brush&Bond®.
  • One bottle of Touch&Bond liquid (5.5ml)
  • 175 activator pledgets
  • Precision applicator micro brushes
  • Organizer.

A no-mix, self-etch composite bonding agent for dentin and cut enamel, Touch&Bond® is applied with a special pledget activator that contains a polymerization enhancer. It seals the tooth with an extraordinarily thin film (3 microns), so it’s ideal for direct composites and indirect restorations. A single drop of Touch&Bond may bond a large MOD or 3 small cervical restorations.

NOTE: Touch&Bond must be cured with a halogen light.