SNAP™ Self-Cure Resin (Clear 170gm)

SKU: S434
  • Reduced heat during set.
  • Available in multiple shades.
  • Features a true doughy stage suitable for hand molding.
  • Heightened marginal accuracy for better seal.
  • Color stable.
  • Less shrinkage than methyl methacrylate-based materials.
  • 170gm

Are your provisional crowns taking too much time to fabricate? Are you tired of taking a pre-op impression to use as a matrix for a low viscosity provisional material? Do you cringe at the thought of having to wax up a broken or severely decayed tooth on a model just to create a suck down that can be used a template for a temporary? If you answered yes to any of the above, SNAP may be the material you are looking for. With documented clinical success spanning for over three decades, dentists are once again realizing the simplest and easiest way to make a temporary is when you can do it by hand. SNAP’s ethyl methacrylate formulation produces less heat, and less shrinkage, so its kinder to the pulp during fabrication, and more tightly adapted to the margins once cemented.

All SNAP products can be trimmed with traditional laboratory carbides and other abrasives. They’re also easily polishable with pumice, abrasive wheels and points.

**Please note there are additional HAZMAT shipping charges for SNAP Liquid Monomer and the SNAP Starter Kit. The UPS Hazardous Materials surcharge will be charged separately for this product.

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