SNAP™ Self-Cure Resin Starter Kit

SKU: S424
  • Extraordinary marginal accuracy.
  • Dramatically reduces polymerization shrinkage.
  • Delivers a better fit than methyl methacrylate-based materials.
  • Features a true doughy stage.
  • Lower heat release.
  • Choice of extended shades.
  • Exceptional color stability.
  • (1) bottle of monomer (4oz.)
  • (4) powders (40gm ea.) in four popular shades: A2 (62), A3/D3 (65), C2/D4 (69), B3/B4 (77)
  • (1) Pipette

Low Shrinkage Formula for More Reliable Results
SNAP Self-Cure Resin is based on a unique ethyl methacrylate formula that reduces polymerization shrinkage, for a durable temporary with outstanding marginal accuracy. It’s extremely color stable and displays a low exotherm while curing (which makes it kinder to vital pulps than traditional PMMA-based resins). As a matter of fact, SNAP’s clinical success has been thoroughly documented in reports for over three decades!

Characterized Pink SNAP™ is specially fibered to allow natural-looking replication of stippled gingiva. It features the same great formula as traditional SNAP material, but its special shade makes it a smart choice to simulate lost soft tissue in cases where there has been significant recession around abutment teeth. It can also be used on denture repairs, temporary restorations, ortho appliances, temporary partial dentures and more.

All SNAP products can be trimmed with traditional laboratory carbides and other abrasives. They’re also easily polishable with pumice, abrasive wheels and points.

Also available—Relate™ Powder:
Chemically speaking, Relate is identical to SNAP™ Temporary Resin, with minor adjustments to allow for a clean burnout. Its special blue color makes Relate exceptionally easy to read.

TIP:  SNAP Liquid Monomer can be used in place of Relate™ Liquid Monomer (S458M).

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