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SmarTemp® Medium (A3.5)

SKU: S341
  • Provides the versatility of a 20 second light-cure (for each surface of the provisional), or a 6-minute self-cure.
  • Is available in the most popular Light shade of A2.
  • A flexible stage during setting allowing the provisional to be manipulated and removed easily-particularly where undercuts are present.
  • High radiopacity (200% of Aluminum).
  • Temporaries are easily seen on X-rays.
  • Convenient automix formulas. Cartridge dispensing allows for a bubble/void-free mix.
  • High flexural strength reducing chances of fracture or breakage.
  • Low volumetric shrinkage and minimal exothermic heat generation for greater accuracy, fit and marginal integrity.
  • (1) 50 ml automix split cartridge
  • (10) Mixing Tips

SmarTemp® Dual Cure creates durable, esthetic, non-brittle provisional restorations. The viscosity is easy to work with and there is even a flexible stage in the setting process that allows the provisional to be easily removed from undercuts and multiple preps. Further, SmarTemp Dual Cure has a high flexural strength of 110 Mpa and an impressive Barcol hardness.

It is ideal for long span temporary bridges and for provisionalization while implants are integrating. Its excellent resistance to abrasion helps maintain proper occlusion, vertical dimension and interproximal contacts during the provisional phase of treatment.

SmarTemp Dual Cure may be added to itself or flowable composite can be used. If the provisional has been polished and needs a little addition, use Add&Bond on the area prior to adding more material. Conventional composite may also be added to a SmarTemp provisional.