SmarTemp® Light (A2)

SKU: S340
  • Flexible stage during setting allows the provisional to be manipulated and removed easily.
  • High radiopacity (200% of Aluminum) - temporaries are easily seen on X-rays.
  • Automix cartridge dispensing allows for a bubble/void-free mix.
  • High flexural strength reducing chances of fracture or breakage.
  • Low volumetric shrinkage and minimal exothermic heat generation for greater accuracy, fit and marginal integrity.
  • (1) 50 ml automix split cartridge
  • (10) Mixing Tips

Whether your technique works best with the Original formula or the Dual Cure formula, provisionals made with SmarTemp® are sure to be esthetic, durable AND cost-effective.
SmarTemp Original and SmarTemp Dual Cure materials may be added to themselves or a flowable composite may be used. Both materials are ideal for long-span temporaries due to their excellent resistance to abrasion, which maintains proper occlusion, vertical dimension and interproximal contacts during the provisional stage.