Retrieve™ DC Implant Cement Kit

SKU: S251
  • Features  Dual-Cure Capability (Light curing 20 seconds)
  • Working Time: 2:00 Minutes
  • Gel Stage for Easy Clean up: 2-3 Minutes
  • Self-Cure Setting Time: 5:00 Minutes
  • Strong Adhesion to Implants Composed of Metal Alloys and Ceramics
  • Increased Radiopacity: 300% Aluminum-Improvement over original Retrieve with 110-120% Radiopacity and Premier® Dental’s Implant Cement with 60-80% Radiopacity.
  • One 5ml dual-chamber cartridge
  • 10 mixing tips.
Retrieve™ DC is a resin-based implant cement with a significant increase in radiopacity and a dual cure capability. This implant cement provides long term, semi-permanent adherence to all implant prostheses whether they are metal or ceramic and without the need for a bonding agent.  Not only does Retrieve DC guarantee polymerization in areas where a curing light cannot access, it boasts a 300% Aluminum radiopacity-so that any residual cement may be detected around implants and restorations.