If your Parkell device needs repair, we will strive to have it fixed and on its way back to you as quickly as possible. Once customer approval is received, nearly all electronic devices sent to us for repair are fixed and returned in a timely manner. Importantly, however, before sending a Parkell® scaler unit back to Parkell based on a perceived need for repair due to performance issues with non-Parkell® inserts, it is strongly recommended that you review Parkell’s warranty policy. Such returned units which are found by Parkell to perform properly with Parkell® brand inserts might result in inspection costs and return-shipping costs for the customer.

Most repairs are done at no charge for parts and labor because of the 5-year warranty that we offer on nearly all of our devices. This warranty applies to items purchased for use in the United States and Canada only. Hoses, handpieces and cords are covered with a 1-year warranty. If the warranty doesn’t apply, you’ll be happy to know that our service charges are very modest.

To Send Your Device In For Repair:

Please download the Repair Service Form complete it and enclose it along with the device. PLEASE NOTE: Parkell does not issue pick-ups or shipping labels for repairs; you are responsible for the cost of returning the unit to us. If the shipment is lost or damaged during transit to us the responsibility for replacing the items is with the shipping company you selected. Because of this we strongly recommend that you insure the shipment for the full value of the items in it to protect yourself. We recommend that you use UPS, FedEx or USPS (US Postal Service).

Attention Customers:

We are providing a list of Parkell products that we are no longer repairing due to the age of the units, lack of replacement parts and discontinuation of the products. If you have a unit that is in need of repair and it is listed, please call Parkell at 1-800-243-7446 for information on updated products similar to the one(s) we no longer service. If we do not have a replacement or updated product, we apologize in advance for any inconvenience. Download the list here.

Attention Canadian Customers:

Please contact Parkell to find out where in Canada you can send your device for service. It will save you (and us) the high costs of sending the product back and forth across the border. It’ll also help speed up your repair, too!