MucoHard™ Hard Denture Reline Kit

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  • Super-fast and easy to use.
  • Eliminates powder/liquid mixing.
  • Non-runny, thixotropic consistency.
  • Auto-polymerizing resin formula sets without a curing light.
  • Pink polymer blends beautifully with most denture base shades.
For Durable, Convenient Chairside Hard Relines
MucoHard™ denture reline resin produces strong, long-lasting chairside hard relines without inconvenient powder/liquid mixing. The natural-looking pink polymer blends beautifully and bonds tenaciously to most acrylic (methacrylate-based) denture base resins. MucoHard is ideal for full relines, making repairs or additions to full or partial acrylic dentures.. Saves time for you and your patient, while saving the denture from a trip to the lab.