MetaSEAL® Powder

SKU: S162
  • Requires no separate priming or etching.
  • Self-etch formula hybridizes the canal walls to prevent leakage.
  • Loves moisture (will cure in moist canals).
  • Dual-cure (cures with or without a curing light).
  • Light curing creates an instant coronal seal.
  • Features extraordinary biocompatibility.
  • Bonds to common gutta percha or Resilon®.
  • MetaSEAL is compatible with any cold obturation techniques.
  • One 5gm canister of powder
For Impermeable Resin Seals.
MetaSEAL’s remarkable effectiveness as a high-performance endodontic sealer starts with its self-etch formula, which renders the canal’s sidewalls permeable to infiltration by the material’s hydrophilic resin monomers. These special monomers cure best in the damp environments of intertubular/peritubular dentin, and bond to common gutta percha as well as polymer points like Resilon®. This high level of “bondability” provides a tough, hybrid layer that fully seals root canal walls without gaps at the sealant/tooth interface.

Light-curing helps to resist infiltration from saliva and bacteria during the provisional period, and also allows the rest of the material to self-cure slowly below the surface over the next few hours.

MetaSEAL is compatible with ANY cold GP or Resilon obturation technique. It is not recommended for use with warm obturation techniques, as heat will shorten the work and set times.