A message from David Mott, President, Parkell, Inc.

Dear Neighbor,

For over 70 years Parkell has thrived as a manufacturer of devices and materials because of our eagerness to listen to the practicing dentist. After all, nobody knows what will work in a clinical situation better than you.

As the newly appointed President of Parkell, I’m excited to announce that we are once again looking to expand our team of Long Island dentists as we continue the tradition of soliciting practitioners for input on what you need to help your practices thrive.

Whether you’re in a group practice, a solo practitioner, a recent graduate working in your first associate position, or a part timer who splits your week between taking care of patients and taking care of your family, your professional opinion matters and we want to hear it.

Since we fully appreciate the value of your time and want you to feel comfortable with your level of involvement with Parkell, we currently have openings in three categories that can accommodate both higher and lower levels of commitment.

Onsite Part-Time Consultant

If you live in the Long Island, NY area, and are looking for a way to further your professional career in a way that gets you out of the operatory, this position may be just what you are looking for. In your capacity as one of Parkell’s “in-house” dentists you will get to spend one or more days a week in our Edgewood headquarters (i) working with our chemists and engineers on the development of next generation products, (ii) providing critical training of colleagues on the use of our products, as well as (iii) providing technical & clinical support to dentists who contact Parkell with product-related questions.

Dentists who have had this position over the years have found it to be tremendously rewarding, because of the unique opportunity to be a critical team member within the halls of a global dental designer and manufacturer. Moreover, those before you have found that involvement on the corporate side of the profession has made them better clinicians.

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Focus Group & Product Evaluator

One of the many things we have come to appreciate about dentists is that you all have strong opinions about the products you use. As a member of our Focus Group & Product Evaluator team, we will periodically call on you to either test new products in your office or come to our corporate headquarters where you will participate with colleagues in a discussion about a variety of dental related topics. Over the years, Focus Group participants have repeatedly expressed how enjoyable and rewarding the experience has been. In fact, they often call to remind us when it’s time to have another team session.

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Clinical Writer and Webinar Presenter

Are you an aspiring writer? Do you take great clinical photos? Are you proud of your clinical outcomes? Do you want to share your treatment successes with the vast dental community worldwide, with an opportunity to be published in nationally-circulated materials? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then this is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for.

As one of our clinical writers you will have the opportunity to present your case studies in a format that’s suitable for publication. Once published, we might even be able to take you to the big screen (more likely small screen) where you can shine in your very own webinar if interested.

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We fully expect interest in these positions to be high, so if you want to know more about joining the Parkell team, please let us know as soon as you can.

You can do that by sending your resume, your CV, or a brief paragraph about yourself that describes your professional career and your goals in joining one of the above-described teams. Also, please include a brief summary of your education and practice experience. All should be sent to Parkell at ClinicalAffairs@Parkell.com. We look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards and be safe,

David Mott

President, Parkell, Inc.