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Parkell® LC Fill Light Cure Bulk-Fill Material - Unit Dose

SKU: S245
  • One shot restorative for posterior restorations: (The material has excellent adaptation to any preparation, making it ideal as a base liner all the way up to the occlusal layer).
  • Versatile: (A bulk fill ideal for restoring Class I, II, III, and V restorations).
  • A strong repair composite: (For repairing margins, adding cusp tips, marginal ridges, adding contacts, veneering, and so much more).
  • Compatible: (Use it alone or with LC Base™, HyperFIL™, HyperFIL™ HAp or any other flowable or conventional composite).
  • Also available in syringes.
  • (15) .25gm unit-dose capsules (3.75gm ttl.)
This bulk-fill, light cure composite is ideal for restoring teeth from the bottom of the prep to the occlusal surface! Formulated with a self-leveling consistency, LC Fill also features impressive physical properties-low shrinkage, 280Mpa compressive strength, 145Mpa flexural strength and the ability to withstand occlusal forces. LC Fill is versatile, too! It may be used as the only restorative and may also be used to top off LC Base™. Use this material for cusp and margin repairs, indirect restoration fabrication and more. LC Fill comes in a Universal Shade (A1/A2), giving it terrific chameleon-like capabilities in matching adjacent teeth.