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Parkell® LC Base Bulk-Fill Base Restorative Composite - syringes

SKU: S246
  • Resin-based, highly-flowable, bulk-fill base for use under anterior or posterior composite resins like LC Fill™, HyperFIL™, HyperFIL™ HAp or any other flowable or conventional composite).
  • Excellent flowability to conform to irregular deep cavity preps.
  • 4mm depth of cure.
  • Self-levels for optimal coverage.
  • Minimal polymerization shrinkage for reliable marginal seals.
  • Universal shade nicely matches deep areas of most posterior teeth.
  • Also available in unit dose capsules.
  • (1) 2.5ml (4.8g) syringe
  • (10) tips (S248).
A perfect flowable bulk resin for use under anterior and posterior composite restorations as a base layer. LC Base is high flow and self-leveling and will nicely conform to irregular tooth structure and preparations. Not meant for occlusal load, LC Base may be placed and cured up to 4mm increments and then topped off with LC Fill™ or a conventional composite. LC Base is also excellent for margin repairs on temporary crowns & bridges and so much more. If you’re looking for a terrific light cure flowable, LC Base is for you! LC Base comes in a Universal Shade.