HyperFIL® Bulk-Fill Composite - (Universal Shade - A2/B2)

SKU: S326
  • A true and trusted bulk-fill composite.
  • Dual-Cure — no need for incremental layering and curing.
  • Nanofilled for durability and optimized polishability.
  • Moderate viscosity — flows slightly to conform to cavity preparation.
  • Excellent esthetics & shade stability.
  • Radiopaque.
  • Available in 2 Shades: Universal & Enamel.
  • Works perfectly with Brush&Bond® Universal & most other bonding agents.

Please Note: Requires a 10ml Dispensing Gun (not included).
  • (1) 10 ml syringe
  • (16) Mixing tips
  • (16) Intraoral tips

Please Note: Requires a 10ml Dispensing Gun (not included).
If you’ve been using a light-cure only bulk-fill you have lived with the limitation of only being able to cure up to a maximum depth of 4 mm at a time. But what do you do if the proximal box extends 9, 10, 11 mm in depth? That’s where HyperFIL® shines. As one of the original dual-cure bulk-fills, HyperFIL has been restoring these large lesions with a single placement technique for over a decade. True single placement bulk-filling saves time and will cure even in the deepest recesses and undercuts of a prep where even the most judicious clinician can’t be sure the light is reaching.

HyperFIL is nanofilled with 80% inorganic filler for providing greater wear resistance. Its slower rate of self-curing reduces stresses at the bonded interface. The material flows just enough when extruded from the mixing tip to nicely adapt to the tooth surface, but don’t be fooled, interproximal contacts can still be established with HyperFIL. HyperFIL eliminates the need for flowable liners and incremental curing.

Once you’ve syringed the material, just hit it with your curing light for 30 seconds (or wait for a total self cure) and start finishing your restoration! Its really that simple!

WHITE PAPER: Read how Dr. David H. Roholt uses HyperFIL in his technique article 'Sometimes Simpler Really IS Better: Presenting the Posterior Compression Technique – A Fast, Simple Way to Improve the Longevity of Your Posterior Composites.