Parkell Etching Gel

SKU: S276
  • Consistent etching for strong bonds
  • Easily visible during placement
  • 37% concentration (industry standard)
  • Washes clean for predictable adhesion
  • Three 2ml syringes
  • 30 Applicator Tips
Parkell’s 37% Phosphoric Acid Dental Etching Gel is an aqueous preparation containing nano-sized particles to provide the dentist with a product with just the right viscosity. This ensures that it will not run off of the tooth, while thoroughly etching both enamel and dentin. Using either the enamel etch, total etch or selective etch techniques, the vibrant blue color and narrow-diameter Luer-lock needle applicators ensure precise placement and complete removal with a simple water rinse. Based upon a proven formula, Parkell's 37% Phosphoric Acid Dental Etching Gel provides a predictable result, every time.