Ea-Z-y Primer™

SKU: S388
  • Specifically formulated to enhance adhesive bonding to classic porcelains and high-strength dental ceramics including Zirconia and Lithium Disilicate.
  • Simple to use.
  • Comes included in the Brush&Bond® Universal Kit
  • One 5ml bottle of Liquid A
  • One 5ml bottle of Liquid B
Successfully Cement Restorative Ceramic Materials Including Zirconia
Ea-Z-y Primer™ is a revolutionary new ceramic primer specifically formulated to enhance adhesive bonding to classic porcelains and high-strength dental ceramics. Whether it’s Feldspathic or Aluminous Porcelain, Lithium Disilicate or Zirconia, Ea-Z-y Primer creates strong bond to substrates.

This two-bottle system contains Silane and MDP and is only activated at the time of use to maintain maximum freshness and exceptionally long shelf-life.

After the appropriate surface-roughening treatment, as specified by the material’s manufacturer, simply mix equal amounts of Ea-Z-y Primer from the “A” and “B” bottles and apply the liquid to the restorative surface. Wait 15 seconds and then lightly air dry. What remains will be an easy-to-see glistening surface, assuring you that you’re ready for the next step.

Ea-Z-y Primer is the perfect adjunct for bonding ceramics to resin cements or resin composites, giving you strength, durable adhesion, excellent esthetics and restorations that last.

“Parkell’s Ea-Z-y Primer™ is a chemically active, silane-containing penetration promoter and bond enhancer that is rich in MDP. MDP is a phosphate-containing monomer that has been successful in improving adhesion to porcelain, lithium disilicate and zirconia restorations. Dental researchers have indicated that the MDP phosphate groups in Ea-Z-y Primer create a stronger, more durable adhesive bond between high-strength dental ceramics and dental resins.”
—Dr. Richard Goldman Fellow of the Academy of General Dentistry, VP Clinical Product Development, Parkell, Inc.