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DuraFinish™ All-Cure Composite Glaze

SKU: S296
  • Provides a dazzling, stain-resistant surface for all temporaries and composite restorations.
  • All-Cure polymerizes with ANY light - LED, halogen, PAC or laser.
  • Resists surface abrasion significantly better than traditional glazes.
  • Requires no polishing.
  • Nanofilled for long-lasting, superior durability.
  • 5ml bottle of adhesive glaze
  • Brushes
  • Mixing well
    Give your restorations a gleaming shine without polishing.
    Designed to be polymerized with any dental curing light, DuraFinish ALL-CURE nanofilled glaze provides a brilliant, wear-and-stain-resistant surface for all temporaries and composite restorations. In side-by-side comparisons, DuraFinish delivers an esthetic result that is superior to any produced by points and wheels. Best of all, the entire process is remarkably quick and easy—it takes only a minute, from start to dazzling finish. There’s no need for polishing. You simply apply, light cure and you’re done.

    DuraFinish ALL-CURE’s unique nanofilled polymer resists surface abrasion much better than traditional glazes. Restorations continue to maintain their high gloss for months after initial placement. That’s because unlike traditional glazes which bond poorly and quickly show wear, DuraFinish ALL-CURE penetrates and chemically bonds to the underlying resin, actually “uniting” with the substrate. DuraFinish ALL-CURE even bonds to etched enamel or old composite, so you can use it to quickly resurface worn restorations.