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Dryz® Blu Retraction Paste (Syringe Value Pack)

SKU: S191
  • Quickly stops gingival bleeding and crevicular fluid seepage.
  • Optimized for tissue management when taking impressions, restoring teeth with subgingival decay, seating restorations, placing rubber dam clamps (controlling bleeding) and bleaching teeth (to manage moisture).
  • Available in two easily detectable contrasting colors: Blu (Blue) and Green.
  • Simple and complete removal with an air/water syringe.
  • Available in syringes and single dose capsules.
  • Parkell's Anatomic and Non-Anatomic Compression Caps are the perfect assist Dryz in providing safe, effective temporary gingival retraction and fluid absorption during impressioning.
  • (25) 0.5ml (0.85g) syringes
  • (55) applicator tips

Dryz soft-tissue management paste controls bleeding and crevicular fluid seepage that often interferes with impression taking, the placement of sub-gingival restorations, the seating of lab fabricated permanent restorations, placement of a rubber dam and isolation of teeth prior to bleaching.

Dryz is compatible with the most popular retraction techniques which include, Compression Caps, Retraction Cord, Electrosurgery and Lasers. This allows you use Dryz on its own, or include it to your current method and reduce the overall time needed to obtain retraction and hemostasis.

From placement to rinsing away, the entire Dryz process takes around two minutes. That’s less time than it takes some doctors to pack cord around a single tooth.

Now You See It...
To contrast with the surrounding tissue, Dryz is available in two easily detectable colors, Green and a vibrant aqua Blu (Blue). This lets you decide what works best for you. The only difference between the two, other than the color, is the Blu material is slightly firmer so it is better suited for displacing tissue when it is pressed subgingivally with a compression cap or a cotton roll.

Now You Don’t
Dryz easily rinses off the treatment site with a few blasts from the air/water syringe. Once visibly gone, no residue remains and you can proceed to the next step in the treatment process.