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Compression Caps (Anatomic Assortment)

SKU: S195A
  • Made from pure, naturally-absorbent cotton specially-starched to maintain shape.
  • Atraumatically reflect the gingival cuff away from margins and create a dry, open sulcus.
  • Inhibit the flow of crevicular fluids which may interfere with accurate impressioning.
  • Made of pure, naturally-absorbent starched cotton to maintain its shape during hard biting.
  • Available in Anatomic and Non-Anatomic styles and 3 sizes; Anterior, Premolar and Molar.
  • Anatomic Assortment includes 120 total caps (3 different sizes, 40 of each size).
The Perfect Assist for the Perfect Impression.

Made of pure, naturally-absorbent cotton that has been specially-starched to maintain its shape during hard biting, Parkell's Compression Caps provide safe and effective gingival retraction and fluid absorption during deep, subgingival impressions. Unlike biting on sideways cotton rolls, which provides little or no gingival retraction, when the patient bites down on a properly-sized Compression Cap, the gingival cuff gets temporarily and atraumatically pushed away from the prep margin. This creates a dry, wide-open sulcus that allows hemostatic agents like Parkell's Dryz® to penetrate deep into the pocket to perform their magic, inhibiting the flow of gingival fluid and blood. Remove the cap after 2-3 minutes and rinse with water, and what you're left with is a clean, dry field that's ready for the critical impression-making process.

Parkell's Compression Caps come in two styles, Anatomic and Non-Anatomic, and three sizes, Anterior, Premolar and Molar. Anatomic Caps are sculpted front and back to perfectly mate with teeth that have large interproximal gingival papillae. Non-Anatomic Caps work best when the gingival papilla is low or small. By choosing the correct style and size for the case at hand, Parkell's Compression Caps will truly provide the clinician with "the perfect assist for the perfect impression".