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Quick Cinch® Heavy: Super Cartridge (380ml)

SKU: S465
  • Exceptionally accurate, hydrophilic and strong.
  • Versatile material that can be used as a final impression material or an alginate substitute.
  • 90 sec. set, 60 sec. working time.
  • Cinch Heavy Body is also available in 50ml cartridges
  • Cinch is available in a wide variety of viscosities, final hardness and setting times.
  • (1) 380ml Super Cartridge
  • Mixing tips
“As a dentist and a CDT fabricating all of my ceramic restorations, I must use an impression material that is accurate, dimensionally stable, handles easily intraorally and produces consistent results. That is why I use Cinch vinyl polysiloxane.”– Dr. Gregg Helvey

Simplify Your Operatory
If you are switching between a VPS material for final impressions and an alginate substitute for other situations, make the switch to Cinch® for both applications! Its unique properties are exceptionally adaptable and capable of capturing all of the finer details of a preparation area. You’ll be amazed by how much time you save! The accuracy of a final impression material like Cinch is far greater than what’s required in alginate substitute materials.

Cinch comes in a wide range of viscosities and set times to meet all of your needs (see chart below).

NameQuick Cinch LightCinch LightCinch 90Cinch PlatinumQuick Cinch HeavyCinch AutoMix Putty
Set Time90-sec. set4-min. set90-sec. set4-min. set90-sec. set4-min. set
Working Time60-sec. set3-min. set60-sec. set3-min. set60-sec. set3-min. set
Four 50ml Cartridges (200ml ttl.)S461S
380ml Super-Cartridge  S464
Tubes (320ml ttl.)   S435