Brush&Bond® Universal 4-Meta Bonding System

SKU: S240
  • Superior physical properties compared to other “universal” systems.
  • Significantly higher bond strengths to enamel and dentin.
  • Low film thickness allows deep penetration and formation of complex Hybrid Network.
  • Kit includes Ea-Z-y Primer™ for use on lithium disilicate and zirconia restorations.
When it comes to adhesive resin bonding, all that counts is long-term performance. Parkell’s Brush&Bond Universal Adhesive System provides immediate and long-term bond stability, so your anterior and posterior high-stress resin restorations will stand up to years of patient use.

A Universal Adhesive System that may be used on dentin, enamel, ceramics (including porcelain, zirconia and lithium disilicate) and dental alloys, Brush&Bond Universal boasts impressive bond strengths by forming a Complex Hybrid Network into the dentin tubules.

The adhesive’s low viscosity and almost undetectable film thickness of 3 microns provides excellent coverage and desensitization without interfering with the fit of restorations. It is compatible with self-cure, light-cure and dual-cure resin composites such as Absolute Dentin™, HyperFIL™ and more! We’re certain that you’ll find Brush&Bond Universal an integral part of your restorative procedures.

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