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Green-Mousse® (2-Min. Set)

SKU: S455S
  • Exceptional accuracy.
  • Specially modified for greater flexibility (60-durometer).
  • 2-Minute set.
  • Dependable, no-slump consistency.
  • Does it all from conventional bite registration techniques to modern-day digital impressions.
  • Two 50ml split cartridges (100ml ttl.)
  • Mixing tips.
Green-Mousse® has the same fluffy non-slump consistency and accuracy as Blu-Mousse but with less stiffness. Green-Mousse is ideal when you need a little more flexibility in your impressions and bite registrations.

Green-Mousse® is Scannable!
Trying to get an accurate scan on a prep for a CEREC crown, but you can’t gain good access to the tooth with your camera? Use Green-Mousse! When you use Blu-Mousse’s slightly less rigid sibling (Green Mousse registers a 60-durometer) as a tray material with a scannable wash material, CAD/CAM software users will get an impression that will easily and accurately scan. It is a great alternative impression system that can be used in areas of the mouth that may be too difficult to capture an accurate intra-oral scan. Green Mousse’s added flexibility allows for easier removal of registrations or impressions in patients with extensive undercuts or periodontal issues.