Absolute Dentin® LV 5ml Syringe (TOOTH SHADE)

SKU: S299
  • Features a low-shrinkage filler for greater strength
  • Excellent adaptation to irregularly shaped preparations
  • Dual-Cure capability
  • Cuts like dentin
  • Convenient 5ml hand dispensing syringe
  • Available in 2 Shades: White & Tooth
  • One 5ml syringe
  • 8 Mixing tips
  • 4 Intraoral tips
  • 4 Endo tips
New Absolute Dentin® LV is a nano-filled, dual-cure core composite material conveniently packaged in a hand-dispensed 5ml syringe. A low shrinkage filler provides impressive compressive, tensile and flexural strengths for strong, durable composite cores. The manufacturing of Absolute Dentin LV involves a process that is void of any BisPhenol A (BP-A). Absolute Dentin LV cuts similar to dentin resisting bur ditching. The material ensures excellent adaptation to irregularly-shaped tooth structures and post/core preparations.

Absolute Dentin LV’s dual-cure capability ensures complete polymerization in deep areas of the tooth and root (when cementing a post and building a core). Absolute Dentin LV is available in Tooth Shade for maintaining aesthetics under full ceramic restorations and a White Shade for masking underlying aesthetic discrepancies and for allowing a visual delineation of the core from natural tooth shades.

 Absolute Dentin™ LVLuxacore DualBuild-it™ FR
Working Time:1:30 minutes1:30 minutes45 seconds
Chemical-Cure:5 minutes5 minutes4 minutes
Light-Cure:20s ≤ 2mm
40s≤ 4mm
20s ≤ 2mm
40s≤ 4mm
40 Seconds

 Absolute Dentin™ LVLuxacore DualBuild-it™ FR
Compressive Strength:385 MPa300 MPa300 MPa
Flexural Strength:140 MPa100 MPa129 MPa
Diametral Tensile
50 MPa50 MPaData Not Available
Barcol Hardness:78Data Not AvailableData Not Available