Absolute Dentin™ 10ml kit - Tooth Shade

SKU: S305
  • Automix for quick dispensing.
  • Stronger core resists flexing.
  • Densely filled (75%) with fluoride/barium glass.
  • Strong, stable support for restorations -172 MPa flexural strength.
  • Radiopaque.
  • Dual-cure: Self cures in 4 minutes or light cures in 40 seconds.
  • Cures to a Barcol hardness of 72 - the typical hardness of dentin.
  • Works beautifully with Brush&Bond® & Brush&Bond® UNIVERSAL.

Please Note: Requires a 10ml Dispensing Gun (not included).
  • (2) 10 ml cartridges (20 ml-44 gm ttl) of material of one shade
  • (16) Static mixing tips and (16) intraoral tips.

Please Note: Requires a 10 ml Dispensing Gun (not included).
Today’s metal-free esthetic crowns demand a stiff supporting core. That’s why when it comes to a core build-up material you want the best—the ABSOLUTE BEST. High-strength Absolute Dentin™ stacks great and preps like dentin right out of the cartridge. Plus, it’s versatile. Not only can it be used to build-up material in the core of a broken down tooth, but also as a cement for endodontic posts.

When it comes to a composite material, the smallest amount of flex can cause a fragile ceramic crown to craze or fracture. That’s why we created Absolute Dentin to cure to a Barcol hardness of 72, the typical hardness of dentin (hence the name). This core composite material displays a 172MPa flexural strength for strong, stable cores that last and resist flexing. This high level of durability also helps to reduce the chance that your bur will ditch when it goes from core to tooth and back again while finishing.

With Absolute Dentin there’s no need for hand mixing or triturating. It displays excellent flow directly out of the cartridge for simple placement and minimal waste. Plus, with dual-cure capabilities, it means you don’t have to build-and-light-cure the core in layers. Just express the material onto the tooth and light-cure the surface for 40 seconds; the rest of the material will self-cure in approximately 4 minutes. With this streamlined placement, you’ll spend less time chairside!

Absolute Dentin is available in our popular 50ml cartridge for high volume practices and also in handy 10ml cartridges. Designed for easy dispensing and storage, the 10ml cartridges are packaged two cartridges to a kit (20ml total) and are available in all three shades– Arctic White, Tooth Shade or Blue. 10ml size cartridges require a 10ml dispensing gun.