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Sterile Diamond Bur - Flame - Medium Grit

SKU: SDS-862-012M
  • Diameter (mm): 1.2, Head Length (mm): 8.0, Tip Diameter (mm): 0.35
  • Get a fresh cut with clear precise margins every time.
  • Eliminate reprocessing time needed for multi-use diamonds.
  • Broad range of sizes and grits available.
  • Single-patient use eliminates the concern of cross-contamination.
  • Broad range of sizes and grits available. Click here to browse our selection.
  • Premium individually wrapped diamonds at affordable prices.

Ready to Switch to Our New Diamonds?
If you've been using our previous diamond burs, view our Diamond Bur Conversion Chart to see which of our new single-use diamond burs will be the best replacement.
  • (10) diamonds per pack

If you’re tired of spending a lot for reusable diamonds that stop cutting after several uses now is the time to transition to Parkell’s new line of pre-sterilized single-use diamonds. For a cost that’s just a fraction of multi-use diamonds, you will get consistently faster cuts that are sure to shorten the chair time needed with every patient.

Available in popular shapes and grits Parkell’s diamonds come individually sealed in a windowed pouch so you can see the shape of the diamond that’s inside. All you have to do is open the package, stick it in the handpiece and you’re ready to prep.